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Corporate Culture

Build a characteristic corporate culture

   Whether one person's corporation or a few people, dozens of people, hundreds of people, ......, hundreds of thousands of peoplge's corporation are inseparable from the core part of - people.

   "Man proposes, God disposes; Human effort can achieve anything ." Reflects one of the most central things - people.

   So, as an enterprise, we can not build the enterprise culture not according to "customer-oriented, supplier-oriented, employee-oriented". We'll state FLECONN corporate culture from the following six major aspects:

   First, the dominant feature

      Emphasis on learning, encourage progress

   Second, leadership style

      Mentoring and training, well organized.

   Third, staff management

      Teamwork, communication smooth

   Fourth, organizational cohesion

      Common indicators, rules and regulations

   Five strategic priorities

      Access to resources, looking for opportunities

   Sixth, success criteria

      Brand value and high competitiveness

   In the building of enterprise culture, seek the truth and pragmatic, practical weight, do practical work, seek tangible results and oppose formalism and avoid quick success, so that the building of enterprise culture and history stand the test of practice. Should be based on business practice, in line with corporate positioning, the building of enterprise culture and production management closely, deepen the close integration of innovation and enterprise development, corporate culture.

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