Custom Plastic Enclosures/ Housings

Plastic electronic enclosures, plastic housings, plastic cases, plastic mould designing and manufacturing

FLECONN owns a plastic factory engaged in designing and manufacturing plastic electronic enclosures, plastic housings, plastic cases, plastic boxes, plastic mould. We can provide the schematic design of plastic product for our customers. Our rich experienced engineers can design an excellent product structure, product shape for world wide clients. We also provide free sample making, free customized scheme.

Plastic products design process

Determine the requirements of product functional and appearances

Draw a preliminary designplastic enclosure, plastic housing, plastic cases manufacturer

Make Prototype model

Product testing

check and correct the design

Formulate important specification

Open mold to produce

The quality control

Plastic products design principles

Determine the shape, size, appearance, material of the product in accordance with the product function. 

Designed products must conform to the principle of molding, mold making is easy, forming and later processing is easy, but need to keep the product function.

Product design checklist, it will help to make sure the design of a variety of factors

General information:

What is the function of the product?plastic enclosure and case design and manufacturer inc

What is the required tolerance?

The consideration of space constraints ?

Define the working life of the product?

Consider product weight?

Have you acknowledged specifications?

Is there a ready similar application ?

Plastic products Structure:

The status of using the load?

The parameter size of working load?

The duration of using the load?

The allowance for deformation?

The environment

What is the using temperature environment?blob.png

The using or removing for chemicals or solvent?

What is the environment of temperature?

What is the service life in the using environment?

Plastic product Appearance:



Surface processing such as texture, spray paint, etc 

Economic factors:

What is the forecasted price?

What is the price of the product designed current?

The possibility of reducing costs?

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