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Intelligent lock series

Face lock Fingerprint lock
Intelligent Digital Biometric Smart Home Face Recognition Door Lock

3D face recognition door lock is to use 3D camera to establish millimeter level 3D face model for users, detect and track the features of human face through living detection and face recognition algorithm, compare with 3D face information stored in the door lock, complete face verification, and complete unlocking, so as to realize high-precision identity authentication and insensitive unlocking. Compared with 2D face door lock, 3D face door lock is not easily affected by posture, expression and other factors, and is not affected by light environment. At the same time, it can prevent attacks from photos, videos, headgear, etc., and its recognition performance is more stable. It can realize high-precision 3D safe face recognition. 3D face recognition door lock is currently the highest security level of intelligent door lock.

Fingerprint face lock

Fingerprint face lock

In the intelligent door lock control scheme, the embedded development of the door lock is a more important step, so as to realize the wireless data conversion and wireless control on the hardware. The serial WiFi module tln13ua06 is mainly used in the intelligent door lock. It is a new generation of embedded Wi Fi module product. The software and hardware interfaces are fully compatible with tlg10ua03, Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip, with small size and low power consumption.
Face recognition intelligent door lock

Face recognition intelligent door lock

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Intelligent lock for palmprint recognition

Intelligent lock for palmprint recognition

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