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Custom Wiring Harness, Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturer
FLECONN, as a wire harness manufacturer and supplier, can custom wiring harness assembly for global customers. These wire harnesses may be respectively used in the fields of LED light bar, radio, car stereo, battery, machine / equipment internal power and signal cable cable, motorcycle, automotive etc.

Custom Wiring harness Assembly

Automobile wiring harness is the network main body of the automobile circuits. No wiring harness, there is also no automobile circuit. Wire Harness refers to the subassembly making up connection circuits by banding these wire harnesses maden from crimping pieces by the contact terminal (connector) punched by material copper and wire & cable after crimping, then plastic Pressing insulator or adding metal shell on outside. Wiring harness industry chain includes wire and cable, connectors, processing equipment, wiring harness manufacturing and application industry of the downstream. Wire harness has a very wide range of application and can be used in cars, household appliances, computer and communication equipment, electronic instrument and meter etc. Car body's harness connects the whole body, general shape presents H shape.

JST PH Series 2.0mm Pitch Wire Harness

JST PH Series 2.0mm Pitch Wire Harness

JST 2.0 mm pitch PH series wire to board connector and wire assemblies can be used for the connectivity fields of  the speakers, monitors, household appliances, copiers, fax machines, medical equipment, computers, electronic toys, batteries, circuit boards and other products. The housings of this PHR series have PHR-2 PHR-3 PHR-4 PHR-5 PHR-6 PHR-7 PHR-8 PHR-9 PHR-10 PHR-11 PHR-12 PHR-13 PHR-14 PHR-15 PHR-16.

PH 1.25mm Wire to Board Wiring Harness

PH 1.25mm Wire to Board Wiring Harness

We are specialized in Electrical and Electronic Supplies. We develop, manufacture and distribute  innovative PH 1.25mm housing terminal wiring harnesses, cable assemblies.

Key Features:

Wire To Board Connector 

PH 1.25mm Housing 

Crimp Termination 

Wiring harnesses

We may choose the original connectors from the first class brand manufacturers such as Molex, JST, TE,  AMP, Hirose, JAE etc to assemble wire harness by customer requirements.  Along with our sophisticated manufacturing process, the product owns excellent quality. 

At the same time, in order to enhance our customer's competitiveness, we also provide equivalent, compatible and replaceable connectors and terminations for wiring harness assembling, they have competitive prices and punctual delivery.

Molex MICRO-FIT 3.0 Series Wiring Harness

Molex MICRO-FIT 3.0 Series Wiring Harness

FLECONN can custom 3.0 mm pitch wire harnesses with Molex Micro-Fit (3.0) receptacles such as manufacturer part number 43025-0200, 43025-0400, 43025-0600, 43025-0800, 43025-1000, 43025-1200, 43025-1400, 43025-1600, 43025-1800, 43025-2000, 43025-2200, 43025-2400. Moreover, we can still mold these molex wiring harnesses by overmolding in order that they have a good waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistance performance in the harsh factory environment.

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