Electrical/ Electronic Wire Assemblies

Electrical Cable Assembly, Electronics Wire Assemblies, Manufacturer, Supplier
FLECON can produce standard and customized electrical & electronic wire & cable assemblies for global manufacturers of consumer electronic products, household appliances, industrial equipment and machinery, computer and communication devices etc.

Electrical and Electronic wires and cables play the role as human blood vessel and nerve in modern industry. Wires and Connectors compose the connection system of machinery and devices. FLECONN is just the designer and manufacturer of cable and connector connections consisting of O ring crimping terminals, solderless terminals, wire harness, various interfaces, I/O connectors, electrical cables, electronics wires, overmolded cables. They are assembled by automatic cutting wire and stripping machine, terminal crimping machine, vertical injection molding machine, injection molds, press tooling and test equipment etc, 

FLECONN can provide high quality electrical cable, electronic wire assembly services for global customers.

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