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Fingerprint face lock
  • Fingerprint face lock
Fingerprint face lock

Fingerprint face lock

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Fingerprint lock Face lock Smart lock
Automatic face lock recognition speed block Patent technology, automatic lock body; Double core and double system inside and outside the door greatly improves the safety performance;
General Description:
In the intelligent door lock control scheme, the embedded development of the door lock is a more important step, so as to realize the wireless data conversion and wireless control on the hardware. The serial WiFi module tln13ua06 is mainly used in the intelligent door lock. It is a new generation of embedded Wi Fi module product. The software and hardware interfaces are fully compatible with tlg10ua03, Bluetooth module and Bluetooth chip, with small size and low power consumption.

Product Description

1. Security after installing fingerprint lock, the function of anti-theft door should not be affected. There is no obvious hidden danger in the lock.

2. Stability is the most important indicator of fingerprint lock, generally need more than a year of actual use will slowly stabilize, stereotypes. Consumers in the purchase of the best choice for the main production of fingerprint lock manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have good production experience. R & D experience is the best stabilizing factor.

3. Versatility should be applicable to most of the domestic anti-theft doors (in line with the 2008 version of the national standard for anti-theft doors), less modification. Good fingerprint lock installation time should not be more than 30 minutes. Otherwise, it is difficult for users to complete the installation and maintenance by themselves. Good versatility design can also effectively reduce dealer inventory.

4. Intelligently add, delete and other operations, should be very simple, users do not need to memorize too many passwords and codes. High performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system, which is convenient for users to operate.

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