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Bend to straight HDMI HD cable
  • Bend to straight HDMI HD cable
Bend to straight HDMI HD cable

Bend to straight HDMI HD cable

Part Number:
HDMI HD cable Bend to straight
The Standard Version 1.4 supports hdmi1.3 and is compatible with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2A and 1.2b modes
General Description:
HDMI HD cable Connector properties femle to female appearance 90°to180°

Product Description

It is mainly used in the video and audio signal transmission of plasma TV, LCD TV, rear projection TV, projector, DVD player, projector, D-VHS recorder, digital camera, projector and digital audio-visual display equipment.

Product advantages:

*Better anti-interference performance, can achieve 20 meters long gain free transmission.

*For large-scale digital flat panel TV resolution optimization, good compatibility.

*It supports EDID (Note 1) and ddc2b (Note 2) standards, and can intelligently select the best matching connection mode between devices.

*It has a strong copyright protection mechanism (HDCP) to effectively prevent piracy.

*Support 24bit color depth processing, (RGB, ycbcr4-4-4, ycbcr4-2-2).

*The interface volume is small, all kinds of equipment can be installed easily.

*One cable can realize synchronous transmission of digital audio and video signals, effectively reducing the use cost and complexity.

*Fully compatible with DVI interface standard, users need not worry about the mismatch between the old and new systems.

*Support hot plug technology

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