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Wholesale Non-woven Disposable Face Mask
  • Wholesale Non-woven Disposable Face Mask
Wholesale Non-woven Disposable Face Mask

Wholesale Non-woven Disposable Face Mask

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Disposable Face Mask
Wholesale Non-woven Disposable Face Mask
Disposable adult protective equipment to prevent the new coronavirus
General Description:
Used for going out protection, protecting the wearer from saliva and other splashes from attacking the face, filtering bacteria and dust in the air.

Product Description

Disposable Masks working principle:

Diffusion deposition: the Brownian motion of particles diffuses and displaces to the filter fiber, which is absorbed by molecular gravity. It is easy to capture small-scale particles, fine fibers and particles moving at low speed.

Entrapment depositionthe larger particles moving with the air flow are entrapped by the mechanical sieving effect of the filter material. The ratio of particle diameter to membrane fiber diameter affects the interception efficiency.

Inertia deposition: when the particles pass through the curved mesh channel of the filter material, the particles are separated from the air flow due to the inertia and hit the filter fiber, and are trapped by the molecular gravity. Large particles, high density and high speed have good interception effect.

Electrostatic attraction deposition: the deposition of particles by the electrostatic action of filter fibers.

Product Pictures

Disposable Face Mask

Three layer folding Disposable Masks.

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