M8 4 Pin Female connector
  • M8 4 Pin Female connector
M8 4 Pin Female connector

M8 4 Pin Female connector

Part Number:
M8 4 Pin Female connector
FLECONN can provide M8 4 Pin female connectors with stripped and tinned wires.
General Description:
Connector Gender: Female. Coding: A-Coding. Terminal Type: Solder Cup Terminals. Contacts number: 4 pole.Wire Gauge: UL 1007 24AWG; Wire Length: 100mm

Product Description

M8 4 Pin Female Connector

FLECONN can supply m8 4 pin female connector with stripped and tinned electricial wires.

Product characters for M8 4 Pin female Connector:

Contact Body Type: Male. 

Coding Type: A-Code. 

Plug Type:  180 degree straight m8 plug. 

Soldering Method:  Solder Cup Terminals. 

Contacts number: 4 pin. 

Wire gauge: UL 1007 24AWG single wire

Wire length: 100mm, other end is stripped and tinned

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M8 4 Pin Female Connector Supplier and Manufacturer in China

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