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KN95 Masks
  • KN95 Masks
KN95 Masks

KN95 Masks

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KN95 Masks
KN95 Masks can prevent influenza to some extent
General Description:
It can effectively filter and purify the inhaled abnormal odor (except toxic gas), and reduce the exposure level of some inhalable microbial particles (such as mold, anthrax, tuberculosis, etc.).

Product Description

KN95 Masks

KN95 Masks can filter out the barriers such as blood, body fluids, splashes and infectious bacteria in the air, or particles entering and dividing other than pathogenic microorganisms.

When wearing, fix the metal strip on the bridge of nose. When wearing the mask, the metal belt must be fixed on the bridge of nose with both hands. After wearing the mask, please be careful not to touch the outside of the mask with your hand, otherwise your hand will contact the filtered virus.

KN95 Masks can prevent influenza to some extent

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